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Reward now $5000

West Hollywood resident Kim Byers has not given up hope for the safe return of Miss Kitty, a semi-feral cat that was stolen from her front porch on Sunday, May 22, 2022, at 4:35 p.m., on North Vista Street, near Plummer Park. Ring camera footage captured a suspect placing Miss Kitty in a pet carrier.

Byers spoke during public comment at a regular West Hollywood city council meeting last night to advocate for the safety of other pets. She also requested cameras be installed at Plummer Park.

“Someone walked up my porch and stole my cat, Miss Kitty, from her bed, while she was curled up sleeping.” she told the city council. “I know this because my ring camera caught it. Miss Kitty tried to resist, but she’s old and mostly deaf. She didn’t have a chance.”

“As anyone who loves an animal knows, pets are family,” she added. “Unless the law recognizes this, pet theft and animal torture is going to continue. We need to protect the vulnerable.”


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