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What Happened?!


Miss Kitty is a semi-feral cat that I have cared for (with my neighbor's help) for several years. She is quite old, arthritic & a bit deaf. The neighborhood knows her well as she was a catch, fix and release about 14 years ago from what I have been told.


I was the first person to gain her trust about 3 years ago and she slowly transitioned from being fully feral to semi-feral. I committed my space to her and she began living on my front porch with a heated bed and 3 meals a day (and the occasional overnight on the sofa when it was really cold & she was ready for that step). She had, with much patience, become relaxed with being approached and handled a bit. She even had started using a litter box near the porch. Next steps were to get her special medical attention, chipped and hopefully move her inside full-time.

In the meantime, the priority was to keep her well fed, comfortable & loved on.

On 5/22/22, a Sunday, at 4:35 pm the thief walked up my drive way with a pet carrier (and another red bag it looks like), onto my porch, and snatched Miss Kitty from her bed where she was sleeping.

The top/jacket of the person is distinctive as is the carrier. The police have noted the person as a male, though it is possible that the person is female. They are wearing glasses.

I've created this site to tell the story, have a central place for sharing news, contact information and resources for those of you that want to help recover Miss Kitty safely and keep our community safe.

I am raising money for rewards, so if you want to help, that is an option that would be sincerely appreciated as well!

Again, thank you for being here & caring. 

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